Cochrane Colloquium


The 24th Cochrane Colloquium will be in Seoul, South Korea from 23rd to 27th October, 2016. Visit the Colloquium website for more information:, including pre-Colloquium workshops listed here:

This workshop is for authors of reviews, editors and staff of Cochrane Review Groups, and people interested in learning about GRADE and Summary of Findings Tables (SoF). Our goal is to help you:

  • learn to interpret and assess the results of systematic reviews, and present the evidence using the GRADE approach
  • create a Summary of Findings Table (SoF)
  • use the software to create SoF tables: new online GRADEpro for PC and Mac users

G-I-N- The Guidelines International Network

The G-I-N mission is to lead, strengthen and support collaboration in guideline development, adaptation and implementation. The next pre conference workshops will be held during th 13th G-I-N Conference in Philedelphia. More information is available on the G-I-N website here (pre-conference course #4): 

When: Tuesday, 27 September, 2016 from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Location: University of Pennsylvania Campus

This workshop is an interactive, hands-on opportunity to use GRADE in guideline development. The large group presentations will be interactive with audience participation. The small groups will be tailored to the experiences of the group, e.g. some groups may focus on issues in guideline development, while other groups may focus on GRADE methodology. Participants should bring laptops or plan to share with others.

  • G-I-N Member: $225.00
  • G-I-N Non-member: $400.00
  • Student/Consumer Rep/LMIC: $100.00

The U.S. GRADE network

The U.S. GRADE network is an entity of the GRADE working group. The U.S. GRADE network is the sponsor of the Guideline Development Workshop that will be held on November 2-4, 2016 Orlando, Fl, USA. The objective of this workshop is to facilitate the basic principles of guideline methodology, including how to critically appraise the evidence, grade the quality of the evidence, move from evidence to recommendations by using GRADE. Also, become familiar with GRADE, create evidence profiles and explore EBM concepts. For more details visit: 

The Mac GRADE Centre

The Mac GRADE Centre is located at the McMaster University, Hamilton-ON Canada. The Mac GRADE Centre promotes regularly workshops with 1-5 days of duration. The objectives are:  to learn how the GRADE approach is used in the process of guideline development, to understand and apply the GRADE criteria, to evaluate and grade the quality of evidence, to understand the GRADE factors which assist guideline developers to move from evidence to make recommendations, to develop clear, action oriented recommendations.

Among the training activities are the GRADE/SoF workshops run by:

Cochrane Standard Author Training workshops provide training in GRADE and how to create Summary of Findings Tables