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  • A Cochrane funded (Methods Innovation Fund) project has developed guidance on when to consider regulatory data for inclusion in Cochrane Reviews. Regulatory data includes clinical study reports of trials and other studies, and any other relevant information provided to regulators by trial sponsors. This guidance is interim because we ultimately...
    December 7 2017
  • Statistics Methods Group  are pleased to announce the appointment of two new convenors, Anna Chaimani and Areti Angeliki (Argie) Veroniki.Prognosis Methods Group has a new co-ordinator. We welcome Anneke Damen, based at UMC Utrecht, Netherlands, who will be the first point of contact for the group.
    December 6 2017
  • SYSTEMATIC REVIEWS OF QUANTITATIVE AND/OR QUALITATIVE EVIDENCE 2018 (SR2018)Three day Systematic Review Workshop, Leuven (Belgium), 28-30 March 2018The KU Leuven Methodology of Educational Sciences Research Group and the Social Research Methodology Group organize a multi-disciplinary workshop designed to provide faculty, PhD, doctoral students,...
    November 2 2017
  • The Cochrane Bias Methods Group was established in 2000 and is currently based at the Center for Evidence-Based Medicine at Odense University Hospital in Denmark with Convenors and members from around the world. This year they have developed a strategy document for the convenorship to ensure that the group fulfils its aim and its capacity. The aim...
    October 31 2017
  • The Cochrane Scientific Committee met for the first time on the 18th May 2017. The Committee is a new body with responsibility for making scientific decisions about the implementation of new methods for Cochrane Reviews, and in their first meeting began by considering new risk of bias assessment tools ('Risk of bias' 2.0 tool and ROBINS-...
    September 1 2017
  • Welcome to the first annual report for Methods Groups and other methods-related activities in Cochrane. From 2010 to 2016 methods activity was reported in Cochrane Methods a supplement of the Cochrane Library (back issues). We stopped producing Cochrane Methods because we planned to publish peer reviewed methods articles with other related...
    August 31 2017
  • Awarded to the principal author of the best oral and the best poster presentation addressing methodological issues related to systematic reviews. This award is usually given out at Cochrane Colloquia but for 2017 it was open to all eligible Summit authors.Tom Chalmers (1917-1995) was an outspoken advocate of randomised trials, whether at the...
    August 31 2017
  • A .pdf of the workshops held at the Global Evidence Summit can be viewed here(Please contact Louisa Dunn if you would like a workshop to be listed)
    August 30 2017
  • The Scientific Committee call for agenda items is now closed.
    August 10 2017
  • The updated Methodological Expectations of Cochrane Intervention Reviews, which should guide the conduct and reporting of Cochrane Intervention Reviews, are available here.
    July 20 2017


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