Cochrane Statistical Methods Group Convenorship

Thank you very much for your interest. We will announce the new convenors soon.

Statistical issues are a core aspect of much of the work of Cochrane. The Statistical Methods Group (SMG) (Cochrane Methods Statistics) is a forum where all statistical issues related to the work of Cochrane are discussed. 

The SMG convenors (Jo McKenzie, Catrin Tudur Smith and Mark Simmonds) are seeking to appoint a new convenor, with expertise in statistical methods relevant to evidence synthesis, to join the group. The SMG convenors meet by teleconference every two months, discuss issues by email in between meetings, and meet annually at Cochrane Colloquia. The SMG has a broad scope which covers issues relating to statistical methods, training, software, and research, together with attempting to ensure that adequate statistical and technical support is available to review groups.

If you are interested in joining the SMG as convenor, please submit an expression of interest to before 8th November 2017. Please submit a 2 page CV highlighting your previous statistical training, relevant employment and publications related to statistical methods and systematic reviews. Please include a covering letter summarising your experience and expertise, why you are interested in the role and what you could bring to the SMG.

Essential criteria for this role includes:

  1. Statistical education to post-graduate level

  2. Undertaken methodological research in the field of statistical methods for evidence synthesis

  3. Involvement in Cochrane systematic reviews

  4. Adequate time available to dedicate to the work of the SMG

  5. Enthusiasm to contribute to the work of the SMG

  6. Regular attendance at Cochrane Colloquia 

We would particularly welcome applications from early and mid-career researchers.