Methods Related Training Courses

March 27-29 2019

Van den Heuvel Institue, Leuven, Belgium

Systematic reviews of quantitative and/or qualitative evidence 2019 (SR 2019)

The workshop will focus on the fundamental background and skills required to conduct a systematic review, evaluating the feasibility, appropriateness, meaningfulness of particular interventions or programs, inventorying the experiences of people involved in  treatments, interventions, or therapies or exploring the lived experience of people having a particular disability, disease or living in difficult circumstances. The workshop is organized in collaboration with the Cochrane Qualitative Research and Implementation Methods Group.

March 28-29 2019

Stanford University, Stanford, USA.

Developing a Systematic Review - hosted by the Cochrane Eyes & Vision US Satellite.  The workshop consists of lectures, practice exercises, and hands-on tutorials. Various methodological and clinical issues related to conducting a Cochrane systematic review will be discussed.

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June 19-21 2019

Keele University, Keele, UK.

2019 Prognosis Research: Concepts, Methods and Clinical Application International Summer School

During this course you will learn how to design, undertake and interpret prognosis research to improve patient outcomes based on the PROGRESS framework. The course also includes systematic reviews of prognosis studies.

July 1-3 2019

UMC Utrecht Julius Centre, Utrecht, Netherlands

Systematic reviews and meta-analysis of prognosis studies

A three day workshop targeted at people who wish to learn how to summarise evidence of prognosis studies. We will discuss and practice how to define your prognosis review question, how to search the literature, how to critically asses the quality of primary prognosis studies, whihc statistical methods to use for meta-analysis of the results of primary prognosis studies, how to use these methods and how to interpret and report the findings.


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