Commencement of DTA Editorial Training for CRGs

Following consultations with co-ordinating editors and others in Loughborough and Paris we began the transition process for DTA editorial work from the UK Diagnostic Test Accuracy Review support group to CRGs, by commencing training of new DTA editors.

The transition of editorial responsibilities is to be achieved using three complementary approaches:

1) Creation of editorial checklists;

2) Author training: see the DTA website training pages for details.

3) Initiating a “see-one do-one” training approach for new DTA editors.

We have commenced the “see-one do-one” process which comprises the DTA editor(s) nominated by each CRG joining the current DTA editorial team for a period of 3 months (covering up to 6 teleconference editorial meetings).  During this time they will initially observe methodological discussions concerning submitted protocols and reviews from other CRGs, subsequently leading the editorial processing of a DTA protocol and review, working alongside a DTA editor.  All work is done remotely by teleconference and will involve up to 4 hours per month currently scheduled as either the 2nd Tuesday of every month (2 pm UK time) or the 4th Wednesday of every month (commencing between 9am and 11am UK time) depending on which of the two existing editorial teams a DTA editor in training is attached to.  Additional preparation and reading time will be required – up to 2 days per month.

Once CRG DTA editors are comfortable and proficient in this role, the CRG will then be ready to manage their own DTA editorial process.  With the help of DTA editors in training we also hope to further refine editorial checklists.  CRGs with existing representation on the DTA editorial team need only formally notify us that this person is their nominated DTA editor.

We envisage that the DTA editorial team will commence supporting at most 2 CRGs at one time with this experiential training activity, increasing the number of DTA editors in training based on our experience of the process.  We can accommodate up to 2 people from a single CRG at the same time if they share a role as DTA editor.  Following consultation with CRGs and the CEU it is considered an absolute pre-requisite that either:

a)      CRGs have completed (but not necessarily have published) a DTA review before they start editing reviews, and that the nominated CRG diagnostic editor(s) to be trained have had involvement in the review process.


b)      The nominated DTA editor has had experience of undertaking DTA reviews outside of the Cochrane Collaboration. Nominated individuals in this position will need to be familiar with and preferably experienced in the use of DTA review methods as endorsed by the DTA working group.

Please submit your nominated DTA editor(s) via the appropriate form

We are looking forward to working with you

Dr Clare Davenport

On behalf of the Cochrane DTA Editorial Team