SMF Prognostic Studies

Trusted methods and Support for Cochrane Reviews of Prognostic Studies

Prognostic studies address future outcomes and the prediction of these outcome in individiauls. Prognosis forms the basis of personalized or risk-based medicine. Primary studies on prognostic factors, (bio)markers, tests and models are abundant. Systematic syntheses of this large evidence is necessary. Almost all available methodological guidance for systematic reviews (SRs) of prognostic studies come from Cochrane Members. Cochrane needs to take a lead and embark on a sustainable infrastructure to support such novel reviews within Cochrane. We seek to start with this initial funding to lay the fundemental support structure by providing the necessary guidance for and teaching of Cochrane stakeholders, and to conduct and dissemniate high priority exemplar reviews. The proposal will develop and disseminate face to face and online training and guidance tailored to Cochrane authors, editors and methodologists, addressing the necessary skills for SRs of prognostic studies: from framing the review question, design and search strategies to data extraction, critical appraisal,meta-analysis, interpretation and reporting.

Led by Carl Moons, Co-convenor of the Prognosis Methods Group of the Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care, University Medical Center Utrecht.

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