Guidance Document

The methods group also works on developing guidance documents for Cochrane Groups on how to conduct a research priority setting exercises. These documents are developed on a step wise approach. First we publish a draft version of the documents to get further feedback from the groups whether it is helpful for them or not. Afterwards, we will revise and finalize them.

Guidance Sheet :  What is research priority setting and what you need to do before starting? 

Stakeholder priorities for research in health communication and participation: Findings from the Cochrane Consumers and Communication Priority Setting Project

 Using Guidelines to inform priority setting of Systematic Reviews

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Other Research Priority setting exercises to inform the topic selection process of Cochrane Reviews

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Economic Approaches to Priority Setting: 
The following are a list of references to papers describing quantitative approaches to research priority setting:

Programme Budgeting and Marginal Analysis:

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Value of Information Analysis:

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