Cochrane Qualitative & Implementation Methods Group 

Our focus is on methods and processes involved in the synthesis of qualitative evidence and the integration of qualitative evidence with Cochrane intervention reviews of effects. Our purpose is to advise Cochrane and its network of people on policy and practice and qualitative evidence synthesis, develop and maintain methodological guidance, and provide training to those undertaking Cochrane reviews. From 2012 our mandate has been extended to include methods for undertaking systematic reviews of implementation.

NEWS: Systematic Reviews of Quantitative and/or Qualitative Evidence Training event (March 28-30 2018, Leuven)
Quantitative review track
Qualitative review track
Combined quantitative and qualitative review track
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NEWS: GRADE effectiveness and GRADE-CERQual for qualitative research Methods Training Event

 Two parallel training streams with joint sessions to consider common concepts will run from the 13-15th June 2017, Modena, Italy. This event is re-scheduled from December 2016. For information click here

Click here for the CQIMG Annual Report 2015-2016

15 February 2016INTEGRATE-HTA Guidance on choosing qualitative evidence synthesis methods for use in health technology assessments of complex interventions (Dr Andrew Booth, Professor Jane Noyes, Dr Kate Flemming and others)

Click here for a Canadian Cochrane Center YouTube Tutorial on Qualitative Evidence Synthesis from our lead convenor Professor Jane Noyes.

Click here for a KTDRR YouTube Webinar Introduction to Reviewing and Synthesing Qualitative Research from our co-convenor Dr Karin Hannes 

Click here for a KTDRR YouTube Webinar Methods for synthesizing qualitative evidence from our co-convenor Dr Ruth Garside

Click here for a YouTube Webinar on Quality Assessment for Qualitative Research from our co-convenor Dr Karin Hannes

Click here for a YouTube Mini-Tutorial on Critically Appraising a Qualitative Research Study from our co-convenor Dr Andrew Booth  

Click here for a KTDRR YouTube Webinar on Combining Quantitative and Qualitative Evidence from our co-convenor Professor James Thomas

Click here for a Seminar on the CERQUAL Approach - a new approach to qualitative evidence syntheses analysis from our lead convenor Professor Jane Noyes.

The CERQUAL Approach is explained in an overview article in PLOS Medicine: Lewin S, Glenton C, Munthe-Kaas H, Carlsen B, Colvin CJ, Gülmezoglu M, et al. Using Qualitative Evidence in Decision Making for Health and Social Interventions: An Approach to Assess Confidence in Findings from Qualitative Evidence Syntheses (GRADE-CERQual). PLoS Med. 2015 Oct;12(10):e1001895+. Available from:http://dx.doi.org/10.1371/journal.pmed.1001895.

Click here for the minor (Web) update of the Cochrane Handbook Chapter on Qualitative Research and Cochrane Reviews.