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Co–Convenors, and Roles

Andrew Herxheimer, UK Cochrane Centre

Contact person for liaison with Cochrane Entities and Review Groups; promotion and dissemination of activities of AE Methods Group.

Su Golder, University of York

Set up and maintenance of the AEMG website, and maintain a bibliography of methodological literature relevant to those incorporating adverse effects into their systematic review.

Daniela Junqueira, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais

Yoon Loke, University of East Anglia

Maintenance of mailing list; regular updating of module and Handbook.

Sunita Vohra, University of Alberta


Specialist Advisory Panel

Jeffrey Aronson
Specialisation: clinical pharmacology, analysis of adverse drug reactions

Deborah Ashby
Specialisation: statistical techniques, especially Bayesian techniques

Hilda Bastian
Specialisation: interpreting reviews of adverse effects for consumers  

Stephen Evans
Specialisation: pharmacoepidemiology and statistical techniques

Ann E. Fonfa
Specialisation: consumer advocate

Su Golder
Specialisation: information retrieval

Rokuro Hama
Specialisation: analysis of narrative reports of adverse drug reactions

Andrew Herxheimer
Specialisation: communicating with the public about harms

Tom Jefferson
Specialisation: dealing with rare events

Yoon Loke
Specialisation: adverse drug effects, study design

Saad Shakir
Specialisation: prescription event monitoring, adverse drug reactions in drug utilisation research

Sunita Vohra
Specialisation: methodological research in harms systematic reviews; assessing harms related to non-pharmacological therapies