2013 Cochrane Methods Training Event

Each year, the Collaboration funds a Methods training event designed to provide methods training beyond the basic level and provided primarily to support, strengthen and enhance methods input into editorial bases. The 2013 Methods Training Event focused on issues involved in comparing multiple interventions in Cochrane Reviews.  It consisted of two parts, targeting two different (but potentially overlapping) audiences.

The entire event was recorded and edited audiovisual presentations are being prepared.  Full slide sets from both parts are available at the following links.

Part 1 - Statistical considerations in indirect comparisons and network meta-analysis

Part 2 - Editorial considerations for reviews that compare multiple interventions: use of indirect comparisons, network meta-analysis and Overviews of reviews

Course organisers and trainers: Julian Higgins (co-lead, trainer), Jackie Chandler (co-lead), Georgia Salanti (trainer), Lorne Becker (trainer), Debbi Caldwell (trainer), Tianjing Li (trainer), Chris Schmid.