Upcoming training events

We strongly recommend that all reviews that include NMAs have a statistician in the review team.


Short courses on network meta-analysis: 

     1. Network meta-analysis, Epidemiology and Population Health Summer Institute at Columbia University:

         13-14 June 2019, New York, USA.  

     2. 6th course on network meta-analysis: 24-26 June 2019, Oxford, UK.

     3. Indirect and mixed treatment comparison: 16-18 September 2019, Bristol, UK. 

     4. 5th workshop on meta-analysis with R ("Metaanalyse mit R", in German) from 14 – 16 November 2019, Freiburg, Germany with an

         emphasis on network meta-analysis. 

     5. Advanced methods in network meta-analysis – a practical course in R: 20-22 January 2020, Wengen, Switzerland. 


Training for non-statisticians

     1. A new Cochrane interactive learning module on network meta-analysis

     2. Initiated discussions with the training team about adding network meta-analysis to the standard author training materials