Authoring and Editorial Issues

Should I use an Overview or an  Intervention Review?

Authors who wish to compare multiple interventions in a single review may choose to do so using either a Cochrane Overview or a Cochrane Intervention Review.  

We have developed an editorial decision tree (Click here to download a copy) to help guide prospective authors in this decision.

The decision tree was produced by the Comparing Multiple Interventions Methods Group (CMIMG) with funding from the Cochrane Methods Innovation Fund and reflects the contents of a new set of recommendations which will be incorporated into future editions of The Cochrane Handbook.  We have also produced a background paper explaining the rationale for the new recommendations and the steps in the decision tree.  

We have produced a protocol template for a Cochrane Intervention Review that compares multiple interventions.

The new recommendations and their rationale were incorporated into the materials for a training event held in Oxford in March 2013 (Slides available here)

Published Reviews that Compare Multiple Interventions

We have created a two bibliographies of existing reviews that compare multiple interventions:

 A bibliograpy of Cochrane Overviews

 A bibliograpy of Cochrane Intervention Reviews and non-Cochrane systematic reviews that use network meta-analysis

If you know of other publications that should be included in one of these bibliographies, please provide details in the comments section on this page