Hyderabad 2014

CMIMG Workshops at the Hyderabad Colloquium

W12 Comparing multiple treatments 1: intervention review or overview?

- Tuesday September 23 -  13.30 pm to 15.00 pm

W13 Comparing multiple treatments 2: statistical methods for network meta-analysis 

- Tuesday September 23 -  15.30 pm to 17.00 pm

W06 Advancing methods for overviews of reviews: a discussion of challenges and potential solutions

- Thursday September 25 -  13.30 pm to 15.00 pm

Other Relevant Workshops

W25 Exploring how to enhance the readability, interpretation and usefulness of graphical representations and summaries of results from a network of interventions dealing with the same clinical condition: insights from different stakeholders

- Friday September 26 -  13.30 pm to 15.00 pm