How to Appraise a Network Meta-Analysis - July 14-16 2014

How to appraise, interpret and publish a network meta-analysis A 3-day course for clinicians, researchers and policy makers

July 14-16 2014

This course is intended for clinicians, researchers and decision modellers interested in the use of evidence-based medicine in clinical practice, who want to expand and deepen their knowledge on indirect and mixed treatment comparisons (the so called, Network Meta-Analysis - NMA), in the context of clinical effectiveness evaluation.

The course will focus on the tools needed to be able to understand, critically appraise and interpret a NMA. A selected group of expert clinicians, researchers and scientists with a strong track record in the field of NMA, will guide you during the 3-day course. This is an informal, hands-on course, based on a mixture of lectures and practical work. Course tutors are available throughout to answer questions and help with group work.

Course Venue: Rhodes House Oxford, UK 

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