Workshops and Presentations

Training workshops on topics relevant to our group were initially run by members of the Statistical Methods Group, with the first workshop being held at the 14th colloquium in Dublin.  Two excellent slidecasts are available from the training course put on in 2010 by this group

Multiple treatments meta-analysis I [slidecast, pdf]
Georgia Salanti (Department of Hygiene and Epidemiology, University of Ioannina School of Medicine, Greece)

 Multiple treatments meta-analysis II [slidecast, pdf]
Sofia Dias (Community Based Medicine, University of Bristol, UK)

In 2009 the growth of interest in MTM and its application in Overviews led to the workshop being split into three – (basic, intermediate  and advanced), and these workshops were repeated at the Keystone Colloquium in 2010. Workshops at national Cochrane meetings have also been held for several years - for example, at UK & Ireland contributors meetings, at various branches of the Iberoamerican Cochrane Center, and at the 3rd South Asian Symposium organized by the South Asian Cochrane Center.

A special CMIMG meeting held in Milan in 2011 led to recommendations for changes in the guidance for Cochrane Overviews.  These changes are discussed in a

           Cochrane Canada Live Webinar: A Primer to Cochrane Overviews of Reviews [webinar]

        A full report of the Milan meeting is available here.