Training and Events

Cochrane GRADE/SoF workshops:
Cochrane Standard Author Training workshops provide training in GRADE and how to create Summary of Findings Tables

Cochrane Upper GI and Pancreatic Diseases Group - Standard Author Training Workshop. 

When: August 31 - September 2 2017
Where: McMaster University

Cochrane Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Functional Bowel Disorders Review Group - Standard Author Training Workshop

When: 22-24 September 2017
Where: Western University

Global Evidence Summit
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Creating evidence tables for use in systematic reviews and guideline development: GRADE approach
When:12 September, 2017

Integrating GRADE Netwrok meta analysis SOF tables in Network Metanalysis reports
When:13-17 September, 2017
Objective: For individuals considering conducting a network meta-analysis (NMA), to gain familiarity in interpreting findings of NMA through of a GRADE Network meta analysis Summary of Finding (SoF) tables.

Satelite Session
Developing GRADE guidance for overview or systematic reviews

When:11 September, 2017
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Abstract Presentation:

When:13-17 September, 2017
Using evidece to make decisions in guideline development: The Evidence to Decision Framework (EtD)

Past events

Systematic Review Methods Webinar: Using GRADE to assess the certainty of evidence from systematic reviews
 23 May, 2017
Where: Cochrane South Africa
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