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The following videos provide a complete overview of the GRADE approach. The videos have been prepared for authors of Cochrane and other systematic reviews. Each module covers a specific topic related to GRADE and can be viewed in sequence or in any order. The videos open in a new tab.

·  Introduction to GRADE and Summary of Findings Tables (13 min)

·  Choosing a comparison and outcomes for the Summary of Findings Tables (9 min)


·    Assessing Risk of Bias (11 min)

·  Assessing Inconsistency (13 min)

·  Assessing Indirectness (20 min)

·  Assessing Imprecision (14 min)

·  Assessing Publication Bias (11 min)

·  Assessing Other factors and upgrading (12 min)

    ·  GRADE Summary of Findings Table (1h18min)      


Cochrane Canada: GRADEing the evidence in systematic reviews (1h 05min).   

Using GRADEpro (56 min).

Cochrane Canada: Getting started with GRADE and SoF tables (56 min).