Stakeholder Engagement Workshop at Colloquium 2018

Stakeholder engagement process in priority setting for trials methodology research and Cochrane Reviews

Workshop conducted at the Cochrane Colloquium 2018 in Edinburgh 


Healy P1, Bhaumik S2, Sharma T3, Nasser M4, Whiting C5
1 National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland
2 The George Institute for Global Health, India
3 , World Health Organisation Regional Office for Eurpoe, Denmark
4 Peninsula Dental School, University of Plymouth, United Kingdom
5 James Lind Alliance/NIHR, United Kingdom


Working Group P1
1 PrioRiTy Study, Ireland/UK

Slides and training materials used :

Presentation by Mona Naseer 

Presentation by Patricia Healy 

Presentation by Caroling Whiting 

Appraisal form for stakeholder engagement in priority setting