Cochrane Methods Symposium

Cochrane Methods Symposium - 24 September 2013

Data, Outcomes, Uncertainty and Graphs:
Advances and Limitations in Trials, Meta-Analysis, and Novelties

The Cochrane Methods Symposium has celebrated Professor Doug Altman’s twenty years as convenor of the Statistical Methods Group, from which position he has now stepped down. The symposium took place amidst the 20th anniversary celebrations of The Cochrane Collaboration in Quebec. It featured talks on topics about statistics, bias and transparency of research.

Final programme

Kay Dickersin: Multiple data sources exist for systematic reviews: The most important ones are hidden

An-Wen Chan: The selective, non-transparent reporting of clinical trial results: additional solutions to deter selective reporting

Anna Chaimani: Network Meta-epidemiology: assessing the various impacts on the relative treatment effects and ranking of competing treatments

David Moher: How to improve the credibility of EBM: conduct and reporting of medical research

Agnes Dechartres: Treatment effect in meta-analyses: comparison of different strategies for analysis

Ian Shrier: A structural approach to bias

Jon Deeks: Challenges and problems in using randomised trials to assess the effects of diagnostic and monitoring tests on patient outcomes and the alternative approaches to evaluation required

Jo Mckenzie: Addressing baseline imbalance in trials included in systematic reviews

Ralf Bender: Interval estimation of risk differences based upon independent interval estimates of the relative risk and the baseline risk

Gerta Rucker: Network meta-analysis: Applying graph theory

Lisa Bero: Why the Cochrane risk of bias tool should include funding source as a standard item

Jonathan Sterne: Why the Cochrane risk of bias tool should not include funding source as a standard item

 Doug Altman: Signing off: Data, Outcomes, Uncertainty and Graphs