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  • Re-posted from the Cochrane Methods website on 17 December 2020Each year, all 17 Cochrane Methods Groups prepare an Annual Report to record their main developments and achievements. This year, we are putting the Methods Groups and their contributions in the spotlight. Today, it's Statistics. The Statistical Methods...
    December 17 2020
  • Doug Altman sadly passed away on Sunday 3rd June 2018. Our thoughts and condolences are with Doug’s family, friends, and colleagues. If you would like to express condolences, recount memories, and share photographs, please contribute here: http://community.cochrane.org/news/memoriam-doug-altman Doug chaired the very first meeting of...
    June 8 2018
  • The Cochrane Colloquium in 2019 will be held from 22-25 October in Santiago, Chile.The SMG scientific meeting will be held on Wednesday 23rd October 7.30-8.45am. 
    November 16 2017
  • The SMG Convenors are planning a series of webinars on meta-analysis methods which we hope will be of interest to our members. If you have ideas for webinars, or would like to lead a webinar, then please let us know.2019: TBCPrevious webinars:A comparison of arm-based and contrast-based approaches to network meta-analysis, Ian White and...
    October 31 2017
  • Thank you to Adriani Nikolakopoulou: We would like to thank Adriani Nikolakopoulou for being the group's co-ordinator since October 2014 and wish her good luck for the future. Kerry Dwan will be taking over Adriani's role.
    July 26 2016
  • Cochrane Statistical Methods Group 20th Anniversary: To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the group in 2013, a paper "Meta-analysis and Cochrane: 20 years of the Cochrane Statistical Methods Group" was published, see here.
    July 26 2016
  • Twitter: We are now on Twitter. Please follow us @CochraneStats and tag us in any relevant work or training courses.
    July 26 2016
  • The SMG would like to welcome two new convenors Anna Chaimani and Areti Angeliki (Argie) Veroniki.
    July 26 2016
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