Cochrane Scientific Committee - Application Form

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Submissions for this form are closed.

Deadline for applications is 25 March 2020.

Please complete and submit the below form if you wish to be considered for the vacant positions on the Cochrane Scientific Committee.

Current members of the Scientific Committee will review nominations. If multiple suitable candidates step forward, members of the Scientific Committee shall make decisions based on the expertise of the candidate and gaps in the current Scientific Committee, as well as considering geographical location, gender and language diversity and any other equity considerations. Depending on the number of applicants, Scientific Committee members may vote of the candidates. 

Eligibility for the early career researcher: the Scientific Committee is looking for an early career researcher who is developing a relevant methodological track record. An early career investigator is considered to be one who is (i) no more than 7 years after their last education or professional qualification (e.g. bachelor, diploma, masters, doctorate, etc.); and (ii) not having held an academic (or equivalent research-orientated) appointment for longer than 7 years in total. Career interruptions or delays for the purpose of childrearing, illness, health-related family responsibilities or non-research clinical training (residency, etc.) do not count towards these 7 years. This is a mentored position for up-and-coming early career researchers in the field, where the role is observational, and they do not have voting rights. 

Full details on what the Scientific Committee is and the open positions can be found here.