Cochrane Methods Executive seeks two new Methods Group Convenor representatives

Cochrane Methods Executive seeks two new Methods Group Convenor representatives

Posted 03-05-2024 by Ingrid Arevalo-Rodriguez (Methods Implementation Editor)

We seek nominations for two vacant positions on the Cochrane Methods Executive, to start in September 2024. Please note the deadline is Wednesday, 31 May 2024.

What is the Methods Executive?

The Methods Executive provides a leadership forum and general oversight on Cochrane's key methodological roles and methods-related activity. Members take strategic responsibility for supporting Cochrane's Editor-in-Chief, representing Cochrane's Methods Groups, and improving communication between different Cochrane groups and structures with related methods interests. Key responsibilities of the Methods Executive include:

  • Act as a voice for the methods community within Cochrane, such as for Methods Groups, liaising with the Cochrane Central Executive Team.
  • Seek to ensure Cochrane is informed of important new methods (and improvements to existing methods) that should be considered for use in Cochrane.
  • Oversee new methods proposals to Cochrane.
  • Provide guidance and advice to the Editor in Chief and Editorial Board on devising and implementing strategies to improve the methodological quality of Cochrane Reviews and developing strategic methodological priorities in Cochrane. 
  • Provide strategic assistance in the management of methods development and training. 
  • Make decisions on methods-related activities in Cochrane, including the topic, organisation and delivery of the annual Methods Symposium.
  • Oversee the Methods Groups. 
  • Promote Cochrane methods to the wider methods community and represent Cochrane externally on methodological issues or queries.

The Methods Executive is comprised of six elected Methods Group Convenors, which currently include Su Golder (Adverse Effects), Tianjing Li (Comparing Multiple Interventions), Carl Moons (Prognosis), Chantelle Garrity (Rapid Reviews), Areti Angeliki Veroniki (Statistics) and Matt Page (Bias). Other roles on the Methods Executive include representation on Cochrane's Editorial Board (currently Jane Noyes), Cochrane Handbook Editors (currently Tianjing Li and Matt Page), and the Cochrane Evidence Synthesis and Methods Journal (currently Michael Brown). The Methods Implementation Editor, the Methods Support Unit Head, the Head of Editorial Policy and Research Integrity and the Head of Engagement, Learning and Support serve in ex-officio roles. The Chairs of the Methods Executive are currently Tianjing Li and Areti Angeliki Veroniki.

The Methods Executive standard tenure for elected Methods Group Convenors is three years, with annual nominations for vacancies each year. Once elected, Methods Group Convenors can remain in position for up to a maximum of two tenures (six years).

Details of the open position on the Methods Executive 

The two open positions of the Methods Executive will fill vacancies from Su Golder (Adverse Effects) and Carl Moons (Prognosis), who will rotate off at the end of 2024. 

We seek two experienced, well-established Methods Group Convenors for appointment from September 2024. Candidates will have strong connections within the Cochrane community. Along with their specialist expertise, they will be skilled in systematic review methodology; experience on similar committees is an advantage. Methods expertise from elected members of the Methods Executive currently covers Comparing Multiple Interventions, Statistics, Rapid Reviews and Bias. Therefore, we particularly encourage Convenors from other Methods Groups to step forward.

If elected, we expect members to attend meetings regularly, typically every two months by teleconference (face-to-face meetings are subject to annual, in-person Cochrane meetings). We also expect them to contribute to issues that arise by e-mail between meetings.  

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