Developing an effective 'Overview of included studies and syntheses' table: Recording now available

Web Clinic recording available

The format of Cochrane reviews is changing, and the extensive descriptions of each included study in the ‘Characteristics of included studies’ table are moving to the supplementary information. Instead, Cochrane authors are encouraged to include a more succinct summary of key information in the new ‘Overview of included studies and syntheses’ table.

This table is an opportunity to provide a clear, succinct summary to help readers understand at a glance the key characteristics of the included studies. A well-designed table can also clarify understanding of which studies will be grouped and compared for synthesis in the review, which factors might be key to interpreting the results, and whether there are gaps in the generalisability of studies.

In this web clinic, Miranda Cumpston discussed how to set up these tables, how to decide which factors to highlight, and showcased examples of different approaches to organising the information. 

 The recording of the web clinic is available here

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Posted by Rachel Richardson