Ella Flemyng - New Methods Implementation Co-ordinator

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Ella Flemyng as the new Methods Implementation Co-ordinator.  Ella joins Cochrane from BMC (part of Springer Nature) where she was a publishing editor and journal manager working on a cluster of methodology journals, which included journals like Systematic Reviews and Trials. She also facilitated a workshop on involving consumers in editorial processes at the 2018 Colloquium in Edinburgh.

In her new role, Ella will provide strategic and infrastructural support to facilitate methods activities within the Cochrane methods community. She will manage methods-related projects that include strategies, policies and processes to advance and implement methodological developments to improve the quality of Cochrane Reviews.

Ella is full-time and based in the London office as part of the Cochrane Central Executive Team: Editorial and Methods Department.  She is eager to begin working with the Methods community and Methods Groups and can be contacted by email.