New: updated guidance for Cochrane living systematic reviews

By Annie Synnot (Research Fellow, Cochrane Australia) - Posted on 15 January 2020

The Living Evidence Network is pleased to announce that updated guidance for Cochrane living systematic reviews (LSRs) is now available online!

‘Guidance for the production and publication of Cochrane living systematic reviews: Cochrane Reviews in living mode’ has been written to support Cochrane authors, information specialists, Review Group editors and Editorial and Methods Department Staff. This latest version incorporates not only the current literature and tools in this fast-moving field but is grounded in the experiences of teams in Cochrane’s pilot LSRs, and the formal evaluation of those pilots.

The guidance covers topics such as when to do an LSR, how to determine if it’s feasible with detailed information about planning and publishing an LSR, including an LSR protocol and review template.

Questions or feedback about the guidance can be sent to