NIHR Complex Reviews Support Unit webinar: evaluation of complex and multi component interventions

The National Institute of Health Research (NIHR), Complex Reviews Support Unit (CRSU) will be holding a training webinar with Cochrane’s Public Health and Health Systems Network.

This three-hour webinar will explore the complexity and challenges in addressing the multi component nature of public health interventions.

Speakers include Olivia Wu (University of Glasgow and CRSU), Ellesha Smith (University of Leicester and CRSU), Paul Garner (Centre for Evidence Synthesis for Global Health, Cochrane Infectious Diseases), Deborah Caldwell (NICE Guidelines Technical Support Unit), Terry Quinn (Cochrane Dementia and Cognitive Improvement and CRSU), Jenni Burton (University of Glasgow), Alex Sutton (University of Leicester and CRSU) and Suzzanne Freeman (University of Leicester and CRSU).


Time and date: Thursday, 23 September, 12:00 UTC [Check the time in your time zone]


Full agenda and programme: available here.


Register: sign-up here.

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