Risk of Bias 2 Cochrane Learning Live webinar series

January 2021 saw the final webinar in a nine-part series dedicated to Risk of Bias 2 (RoB 2) that has been running since May 2020.  The RoB 2 series has been a huge success with 1,200 learners attending and over 10,000 views of recordings to date. We’re pleased to see how the existing Cochrane Learning Live offer has supported the community as we see a big upswing in the attendance with more and more people moving to online learning and engagement.

This important learning about RoB 2 will continue to be available in our Cochrane Learning Live archive and as part of our Cochrane methodology, risk of bias training collection. You can watch all of the edited recordings from the webinars along with accompanying learning materials using the links to each recording below:

  1. Introducing RoB 2 (presented by Tess Moore, Julian Higgins and Jonathan Sterne)
  2. RoB 2 Domain 1: Bias arising from the randomisation process (Alexandra McAleenan and Jelena Savović)
  3. RoB 2 Domain 2: Bias due to deviations from the intended interventions (Julian Higgins and Jonathan Sterne)
  4. RoB 2 Domain 3: Bias due to missing outcome data (Julian Higgins and Jonathan Sterne)
  5. RoB 2 Domain 4: Bias in measurement of the outcome (Asbjørn Hrobjartsson and Isabelle Boutron)
  6. RoB 2 Domain 5: Bias in selection of the reported result (Matt Page and Isabelle Boutron)
  7. Reaching an overall RoB judgement and incorporating RoB assessment into analysis and interpretation (Jelena Savović) 
  8. RoB 2 Bias in other types of studies: cluster-randomised and cross-over (Tianjing Li and Sandra Eldridge) 
  9. RoB 2: Editorial considerations (Kerry Dwan, Rebecka Hall and Tess Moore) [recording & accompanying materials available soon]