In the spotlight: Prognosis Methods Group

Posted by Froeks Kamminga (Methods Liaison Officer) on 10 December 2020

Each year, all 17 Cochrane Methods Groups prepare an Annual Report to record their main developments and achievements. This year, we are putting the Methods Groups and their contributions in the spotlight. 

Today, it's Prognosis.  The Prognosis Methods Group focuses on the development of methods and guidance for performing Cochrane reviews of prognosis studies. Prognosis research provides information about the long-term health and well-being of individuals with specific diseases or conditions. Individual prognosis studies often present inconsistent conclusions. Systematic review methods are increasingly being used in many topic areas to synthesize prognosis study findings.

This year, the Group's highlight is: 

To find out more, click on the below, which will take you to the Group's summary report:

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A full overview of the outputs in methods research and development, best practice and guidance, methods implementation, as well as publications and other achievements from each of our 17 Methods Groups can be found via the links in the box below.  

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Best practice and methods guidance

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Publications and other key achievements

Lastly, you can read the full narrative report for a summary of the key methodological developments in Cochrane over the past year.