The NRSI Methods Group has three Convenors:

Dr Barnaby Reeves
School of Clinical Sciences
University of Bristol

Dr Beverley Shea
Ottawa Methods Centre, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute 
The Ottawa Hospital, General Campus, Centre for Practice Changing Research Building
501 Smyth Road, PO BOX 201B
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada, K1H 8L6 

George A. Wells, MSc, PhD
Professor, School of Epidemiology and Public Health
Cardiovascular Research Methods Centre
University of Ottawa Heart Institute
Room H1281, 40 Ruskin Street
Ottawa, Ontario  K1Y 4W7
Telephone:  613 696-7000, X18640
Facsimile:  613 696-7227

For any queries outside of membership, you can contact Beverley Shea.