Workshop and Special Session in Hyderabad Cochrane Colloquium 2014

Special Session - Setting research agendas: balancing public health and patient level priorities

There is an increased drive by decision-makers and funders to see patient and consumer involvement in research. Coupled with this is an increased demand from patient and consumer groups themselves for making research more relevant to their experiences and values. Taking into account these factors, there is an urgent need to adapt existing priority setting methods and build consensus on frameworks to balance public health and patient level priority needs.
It has been proposed that involving patients in setting research priorities will make the research more relevant and applicable to health systems and better equipped for translation into health service delivery with positive health outcomes. However, it may be challenging to balance patient needs, values, and experiences for research priorities with distinctly different public health issues like deliverability, resource implications, equity, and potential effects on disease burden. The special session will explore the issues around balancing patient and public health needs when setting research priorities, particularly strategies or forums to enhance this balance.

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