Virtual Course: Health Systems Strengthening (June 3-7)

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This course provides an overview of a systems for health approach to understanding global health inequity. A conceptual framework that integrates the health systems building blocks with the interaction of social determinants of health and policies in other sectors form the basis of this course. The interactive sessions will be led by a faculty expert and will have opportunities for small breakout sessions. There will be short presentations by students regarding their breakout session discussions and assigned readings.
The course utilizes problem-based learning, case studies, comparative analysis, and practice exercises to engage learners in following topics:
1. Introduction to health systems and unpacking perspectives
2. Burden of disease and context of equity
3. Equity, gender and global health challenges
4. Sustainable and responsive human resources for health leadership
5. Global governance and COVID-19
6. Healthcare financing from a global perspective
7. Health systems perspective on infectious diseases in developing countries and resource poor settings


Target Audience

This course is intended for health practitioners in a global context, researchers, and policy/decision makers to be able to integrate a systems for health and equity lens into their everyday work and activities. It is not critical for participants to come from a public health/healthcare background, but it does provide a foundational base to understanding some of the issues taught in the course.

Course Directors:
Janet Hatcher Roberts
Innocent Ntaganira
Srikanth Kondreddy
Course flyer