CONSORT Equity: We are developing an equity extension of the CONSORT statement

Evidence for Equity (E4E): We are developing a special collection of systematic review summaries on interventions that reduce inequities. 

WHO Guideline Initiative for Home Based Records: 2 systematic reviews to assess home based records. 

PRISMA-Equity 2012: In 2012 we developed and published an equity extension of the PRISMA statement. In 2015 we plan to publish an explanation and elaboration paper that will provide further guidance on reporting equity in systematic reviews.

Sex/Gender Cochrane Corner: the Cochrane Corner highlights Cochrane systematic reviews that have included sex/gender analyses.

Social Media Networking and Information Behaviours in Youth Refugees: Protocol for a systematic scoping review

Stakeholder Engagement in Guideline Development: development of guidance and an evaluation framework for involving stakeholder in the guideline development process