Multi-Stakeholder Engagement - MuSE

The international MuSE Consortium is a group of over 100 individuals interested in stakeholder engagement in research and guidelines. 

We currently have 2 funded projects:
MuSE Guidelines and MuSE Systematic reviews

MuSE Publications

Petkovic J, Riddle A, Akl EA, Khabsa J, Lytvyn L, Atwere P, Campbell P, et al. Protocol for the development of guidance for stakeholder engagement in health and healthcare guideline development and implementation. Systematic Reviews. 2020;9:21. 

Frank L, Morton SC, Guise JM, Jull J, Concannon TW, Tugwell P. Engaging patients and other non-researchers in health research: defining research engagement. J Gen Intern Med. 2020;35(1):307-314.

Concannon TW, Grant S, Welch V, Petkovic J, Selby J, Crowe S, Synnot A, Greer-Smith R, Mayo-Wilson E, Tambor E, Tugwell P for the MuSE Consortium. Practical guidance for involving stakeholders in health research. J Gen Intern Med.2019 34(3):456-463.