About Equity Group

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Mission and Vision

Promote equity in evidence synthesis and increase global capacity to consider equity and to promote the use of equity-relevant evidence in health and healthcare decision-making

Governance Structure


Advisory Groupwill promote equity, diversity and inclusion across all committees and projects. Meet the members!

Operations Committee: will manage the day-to-day operation of the equity group.


Elizabeth Kristjansson, PhD


Tamara Lotfi, MD, MPH


Lawrence Mbuagbaw, MD, PhD


Kevin Pottie, MD


Gabriel Rada, MD


Ashrita Saran, PhD


Peter Tugwell, MD


Vivian Welch, PhD

Associate Convenors   

Andrea Darzi, MD, PhD


Rebecca Glover, PhD


Roses Parker, PhD

Assistant  Convenors   

Omar Dewidar, MSc 


Joanne Khabsa, MSc


Ammar Saad, MSc


Eve Tomlinson, MSc


Miranda Lesperance, PhD Candidate


Olivia Magwood, PhD Candidate


Shahab Sayfi, Undergraduate student



Ekta Priya, PhD Candidate


Jennifer Petkovic, PhD


Training and Mentoring Oversight Committee: will provide oversight of the implementation of the equity mentorship and training opportunities.

Knowledge Mobilization Committee: will help plan and implement knowledge translation, including social media, conferences, posters, webinars, and will tailor the information for the relevant audiences.

Project Working Groups: include all members of the teams working on the various projects to address the group's objectives. 

Objective 1: Promote equity in the evidence base

  • equity in evidence synthesis (e.g. equity in all Cochrane reviews)
  • equity in other study designs (e.g. STROBE Equity extension)

Objective 2: Ensure equitable processes for interest holder engagement

  • stakeholder engagement (e.g. guidance for engagement in evidence synthesis)

Objective 3: Produce high-quality, equity-focused evidence synthesis

  • production (e.g. conducting equity-focused systematic reviews on priority topics --- see current list of priorities)
  • priority setting (e.g. prioritizing equity-focused systematic reviews)

Objective 4: Build capacity for equity design, analysis, and reporting

  • capacity building (e.g. capacity building for evidence synthesis)
  • knowledge translation (e.g. collections of plain language summaries of equity-relevant reviews)

Objective 5: Promote equity in implementation tools

  • equity in guidelines (e.g. GRADE-equity, guidance for equity in guideline development, equity in specific guidelines)

Equity Group Members: membership is open to any individual interested in health equity and evidence synthesis. These members are invited to join project working groups or committees.


Interested in joining our mailing list or working on current projects? Complete this form.