Advisory Group

Our advisory group will promote equity, diversity, and inclusion across all our committees and projects. Our advisory group members will provide advice on the strategic direction of the Thematic Group. 

Advisory Group Chair:

Ana Marusic

Advisory Group Members:

   Kerry Albright
   Luis Gabriel Cuervo
   Antonio Dans
   Tamara Kredo
   Eleanor Ochodo
   Pierre Ongolo-Zogo
Puja   Puja Kapai Paryani
 Convenor, Women’s Studies Research Centre 
 Director, Social Justice Summer Internship Programme
 Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong 
   Mark Petticrew
Victoria  Victoria Shepherd
Centre for Trials Research, Cardiff University, UK
Karla   Karla Soares-Weiser
 Editor-in-Chief, Cochrane
Gillian  Gillian Stokes
Associate Professor of Inclusive Social Research 
Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health
Associate of the Royal Society of Medicine