Key Achievements 2016-2017

We highlight this year’s key achievements  

MECIR Online – We produced an online version of the Methodological Expectations for Cochrane Intervention Reviews (MECIR) standards so authors, trainers and editors can access links to resources (Handbook, training and other useful resources available) by standard.  

Handbook – We produced several minor updated chapters (version 5.2) in PDF format. Please note Archie login required. We are currently undergoing a major revision and update (version 6). This will include new material, some re-structuring of content, new chapters and an online version that will include more material than the book. The book will focus on methods for systematic reviews of interventions for both Cochrane and non-Cochrane reviews. Online chapters will give information specific to Cochrane Review structure and production. We will also continue to provide information on other review types (e.g. overviews and methodology). There is also a specific Handbook for Cochrane Diagnostic Test Accuracy Reviews.  

Scientific Committee – This new committee met for the first time and is responsible for recommending new or updated methods, and tools to the Editor in Chief. The committee reviewed two new tools for risk of bias assessment, an updated tool for randomized designs and a new tool for nonrandomized designs. The committee, after an early discussion, will ask an expert panel to review different approaches to managing Type I and II errors in repeated meta-analyses. For further information and recommendations made please go here

Methods Groups’ Achievements (PDF)