Handbook for DTA Reviews

Part 1: Cochrane Reviews

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Planning and preparation of a Cochrane review

Chapter 3: Keeping a Cochrane review up-to-date

Chapter 4: Guide to the contents of a Cochrane protocol for Diagnostic Test Accuracy (PDF 209 KB)

Part 2: General Methods for Cochrane Reviews of Diagnostic Test Accuracy

Chapter 5: Introduction to diagnostic research

Chapter 6: Developing criteria for including studies (PDF 125 KB)

Chapter 7: Searching for studies (PDF 410 KB)

Chapter 8: Selecting studies and collecting data not ready yet...do take a look at the tutorial for this in RevMan for DTA reviews, though.

Chapter 9: Assessing methodological quality (PDF 225 KB)

Chapter 10: Analysing and presenting results. Version 1.0 uploaded January 2011 (PDF 765 KB)
Chapter 10 supporting files (.zip 7.6 KB)

Chapter 11: Interpreting results (PDF 836 Kb)