DTA Author Training - Online Learning

Online Learning Modules

A series of online self-help learning modules is under development and will be released during the coming months.  Links to released modules are indicated in the table below.

The modules planned are:

Module Ref

Module Title

1.1Uses of medical tests
1.2Staged evaluation
1.3Introduction to test accuracy
1.4Formulating a question for a DTA review
2.1Objectives for a DTA review 
2.2Eligibility designs
2.3Planning eligibility criteria
5.1Collecting study characteristics
5.2Collecting study results
6.1Sources of Bias
6.2Expected and troublesome sources of variation in test accuracy 
6.3Use of QUADAS-2
7.1Types of analysis in Cochrane DTA reviews
7.2Analysis with RevMan for Cochrane DTA reviews
7.3Theoretical basis of Cochrane DTA meta-analytical methods
7.4Planning analyses
7.5Estimating SROC curves and average operating points
7.6Analysis with small numbers of studies
7.7Sensitivity analysis
8.1Understanding and re-expressing results
8.2Drawing conclusions 
8.3Summary of findings table
9.1Changes in RevMan 5.2 
9.2How to convert your review to Quadas-2