Resources for Authors

Handbook for DTA reviews

A team of authors and editors are working to prepare the handbook. As each chapter is completed we will upload it to this website.

It is structured as:

Part 1: Cochrane Reviews - 4 Chapters

Part 2: General Methods for Cochrane Reviews of Diagnostic Test Accuracy - 7 Chapters


Software for DTA reviews

All Cochrane Reviews must be developed in Review Manager (RevMan). We have developed a Tutorial for developing Diagnostic test accuracy reviews in RevMan. Download the zip-file by clicking here.

The most up-to-date version of RevMan should be used for all protocols & reviews.  Please check with your CRG to ensure that you have the latest version.

Please click on the link for information about the features of Revman 5.2

RevMan is not able to do the complex statistical models that are required to meta-analyze data in systematic reviews of diagnostic test accuracy. More advanced statistical software packages are needed to do these meta-analyses. Specific statistical parameters from the models run can be input into RevMan in order to draw appropriate graphical displays of the data.