About us

The Cochrane Diagnostic Test Accuracy Working Group was constituted by the Steering Group of the Cochrane Collaboration to implement the publication of systematic reviews of diagnostic test accuracy within the Cochrane Collaboration.

In October 2007, during the Colloquium in Sao Paulo, the implementation of systematic reviews of diagnostic test accuracy was officially launched. 

The Screening and Diagnostic Tests Methods Group have worked with CRGs to develop the editorial process of these reviews and collaborate with all Cochrane entities as necessary to ensure the preparation and publication of good quality DTA reviews in the Cochrane Library.

The Screening and Diagnostic Tests Methods Group have recently completed and published the updated Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Diagnostic Test Accuracy

Cochrane Diagnostic Test Accuracy Editorial Team

At the meeting of the Cochrane Collaboration Steering Group (CCSG) in October 2006 it was agreed that publication of Cochrane diagnostic test accuracy reviews (and protocols) in The Cochrane Library would require the approval of both the Cochrane Review Group (CRG) and a Diagnostic test accuracy editorial team (DTA ET). This would be implemented by requiring joint sign-off of protocols and reviews by a CRG Editor and a DTA Editor.

Cochrane Diagnostic Test Accuracy Editorial Process

The DTA Working Group has produced an Editorial Process.  

Cochrane invites prospective authors to propose new Cochrane Reviews by submitting a proposal in Editorial Manager. Please see the Cochrane Library information for authors for further details.

Following submission of a proposal, authors may be asked to provide more detailed information in a full review proposal form. Even if a full review proposal is not formally requested, we recommend authors use the templates available during the planning stage as they include key information to facilitate protocol development. Review proposal forms for all review types are hosted in our Editorial Manager instructions for authors.

Enquiries & Assistance

We have compiled a Frequently Asked Questions page which holds the answers to most questions.  If you have any further enquiries about DTA reviews for the Cochrane Library, please see the Contact Us page.