Launching the new Methods Support Unit in Cochrane

Posted by Kerry Dwan (Methods Support Unit Lead and Statistical Editor) on 8 November 2019.

Cochrane Methods is excited to announce the launch of the brand-new Methods Support Unit.

The Methods Support Unit (more affectionately known as the MSU) has been created with the aim of improving the consistency and methodological quality of Cochrane Reviews through support, peer review and training, and to support implementation of new methods in Cochrane Reviews. The unit consists of a Statistical Editor and Methods Support Unit Lead – Kerry Dwan, a Systematic Review Methodology Editor – Tess Moore, and an Epidemiology Editor – Andrew Anglemyer. You can meet the team and read more about them here.

The MSU will look at protocols and reviews for standard interventions and complex methods (including network meta-analysis and non-randomised studies). They will provide methods peer review for reviews destined for press release or fast track, as well as provide support for Risk of Bias 2 and implementation of Cochrane’s Content Strategy, part of the Strategy to 2020.  

If you are a Cochrane author or in a Cochrane Review Group and would like support or advice from the MSU, please read this further information on the process for requesting support from the MSU and the details on what information they require before contacting them .

If you have any questions about the Methods Support Unit or would like any further information, email Kerry Dwan, Methods Support Unit Lead: