Newly updated article lists from the GRADE Working Group

Posted on 26 November 2021 by Ella Flemyng (Methods Implementation Manager)

The Cochrane GRADEing Methods Group have updated the article lists in the Cochrane GRADE portal. These lists, curated by the GRADE Working Group, now includes three categories:

  1. GRADE guidelines published in the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology: A series of guidance articles produced by the GRADE Working Group for systematic review and health technology assessment authors, guideline panelists and methodologists on how to apply the GRADE methodology framework.
  2. Other publications by the GRADE Working Group: Since 2003, the GRADE Working Group has published a large number of publications related to the GRADE methodology.
  3. GRADE-related publications: Research or review articles that are about GRADE. These articles have not undergone any formal review by the GRADE Working Group, but may or may not be authored by GRADE members.

Cochrane’s portal on the GRADE approach, including access to all of these article lists, is available on the Cochrane Training website here.