Our history

Evolution of the Prognosis Methods Group: Exploratory meetings held at the Ottawa (2004), Melbourne (2005) and Dublin (2006) Cochrane Colloquia highlighted the need for the development of methodological standards to assist researchers undertaking systematic reviews of prognosis studies. A Prognosis Review Network was established in 2004/5 and through this Network, members were provided information about recent published work in prognosis, potential collaborations were identified, and methodological questions related to prognosis reviews were answered.  At the Dublin Cochrane Colloquium (2006), participants attending an open meeting agreed unanimously to work toward the establishment of a Prognosis Methods Group. Six convenors were identified to move this application forward and the group was formally established and registered with Cochrane  in 2008. Most of the activities of the Prognosis Review Network are now undertaken by the Prognosis Methods Group. However, the Network does continue activities that are outside the scope of the group. The Cochrane Prognosis Methods Group is continually expanding its membership.

The Prognosis Methods Group is currently administered out of the Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care, Utrecht, The Netherlands.