History, core and elective functions


The group was originally registered as the Cochrane Qualitative Research Methods Group in 2004.  We advise the Cochrane Collaboration on policy related to the synthesis of qualitative evidence and the integration of qualitative evidence with Cochrane effect reviews. 

In 2013, our remit evolved to include 'implementation' and our name changed to the Cochrane Qualitative and Implementation Methods Group (CQIMG). 

There is a convenor 'on-call' rota. Please see the contact page for the convenor to contact with any questions or queries. 

The core and elective functions of CQIMG include:


Group core and elective functions. Elective functions marked with (*) are those which are monitored by the Cochrane Collaboration. 

Examples of how this is done:


Core: Providing policy advice*


Core: Serving as a forum for discussion*


Core: Ensuring that the Methods Group functions as part of The Cochrane Collaboration*

  • All co-convenors are members of the Methods Board.
  • At least one co-convenor attends the Methods Board Meeting which is held at each annual Cochrane Colloquia.
  • Representation on the Methods Executive  (Jane Noyes is currently the Co-Chair)
  • Representation on the Methods Application and Review Standards Advisory Committee (MARS AC) (Currently Jane Noyes and Kate Flemming)

Elective: Providing training*.

  • We provide at least one training workshop at each annual Colloquia.
  • We also run ad hoc training courses.


Elective: Providing peer review - we are not currently monitored on this activity. 

  • Co-convenors and members of the group provide peer review for any Cochrane Protocols which plan to include qualitative and/or implementation research.
  • Requests for peer referees from the Central Editorial Unit are fielded by co-convenors

Elective: Providing specialist advice -  we are not currently monitored on this activity. 

  • Providing bespoke/intensive support for review authors and editors who plan to include qualitative research

Elective: Contributing to the Cochrane Methodology Register*

  • We have developed and maintain a register of methodology papers relevant to qualitative evidence synthesis.

Elective: Conducting methodological research - we are not currently monitored on this activity.