Meetings and Minutes

QIMG convenors meet via teleconference up to four times per year. 

 Key updates from March 2017 meeting 

  • Janet Harris has stepped down as a convenor
  • James Thomas has been appointed Scientific Editor of the Cochrane Handbook
  • Jane Noyes has been appointed to the Cochrane Scientific Committee
  • The new series of QIMG guidance papers will be published later in 2017
  • Karin Hannes is running a training course in Leuven this week, and Andrew Booth is running the ESQUIRE course 4-6th September 2017 in Sheffield.
  • Cochrane is sponsoring the CERQual workshop in Modena, Italy in 13-15 June 2017.
  • Ruth Garside submitted an abstract to the Global Evidence Summit, Cape Town, September 2017.
  • The GRADE CERQual and Qualitative Dissemination Bias groups have submitted abstracts to the Global Evidence Summit, September 2017.