Reading list

Current reading list (March 2019)

We have been keeping an eye on the methods literature, and think people with an interest in the Bias Methods Group may be interested in the following aticles published recently:

Deeks JJ, Hopewell S, Moher D et al. Doug Altman's legacy to Cochrane and evidence synthesis. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. 2018;8:ED000127. PMID: 30221350

Wolff R, Moons KGM, Riley RD, et al. PROBAST: a tool to assess the risk of bias and applicability of prediction model studies. Annals of Internal Medicine 2019;170(1):51-58. PMID: 30596875

Goldacre B, Drysdale H, Dale A, et al. COMPare: a prospective cohort study correcting and monitoring 58 misreported trials in real time. Trials 2019;20(1):118. PMID: 30760329

Janiaud P, Cristea IA, Ioannidis J. Industry-funded versus non-profit-funded critical care research: a metaepidemiological overview. Intensive Care Medicine 2018;44(10): 1613-1627. PMID: 30151688

Jefferson T, Doshi P, Boutron I, et al. When to include clinical study reports and regulatory documents in systematic reviews. BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine 2018;23(6):210-217. PMID: 30309870

Lunny C, Brennan SE, McDonald S, McKenzie JE. Toward a comprehensive evidence map of overview of systematic review methods: paper 2 – risk of bias assessment; synthesis, presentation and summary of the findings; and assessment of the certainty of the evidence. Systematic Reviews 2018;7(1):159. PMID: 30314530

Scherer RW, Meerpohl JJ, Pfeifer N, et al. Full publication of results initially presented as abstracts. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2018;(11):MR000005. PMID: 30480762

Laursen DRT, Paludan-Müller AS, Hróbjartsson A. Randomized clinical trials with run-in periods: frequency, characteristics and reporting. Clinical Epidemiology 2019;11:169-184. PMID: 30809104

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