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The Campbell and Cochrane Economics Methods Group is registered with Cochrane and the Campbell Collaboration.

The Economic Methods Group comprises an international network of individuals with an interest and expertise in approaches to evidence synthesis that combine economics and systematic review methods.

With Cochrane’s global emphasis on effectiveness and efficiency, economic considerations are an important element of Cochrane’s work. The Economics Methods Group strives to promote and facilitate the inclusion of economic perspectives and evidence in systematic reviews of health care, social welfare, education and criminal justice interventions. This is achieved through the development and provision of methods guidance, training, peer review and advisory support for economics components of reviews.

Widely known as the CCEMG (Campbell and Cochrane Economic Methods Group) we are a Methods Groups of Cochrane and a subgroup of The Campbell Collaboration Methods Coordinating Group.

Economics is the study of the optimal allocation of limited resources for the production of benefit to society. Health care is a finite limited resource and we want to be confident that we are using it in the most efficient manner. In other words we want to be sure we are achieving the maximum health gain possible given the resource requirements. In the face of scarce resources, it would be naïve to think that in addition to considering the balance between beneficial and harmful effects of interventions, decision-makers were not required to consider their impact on resource use and costs, and potential trade-offs between costs (resource use) and effects (i.e. cost-effectiveness). Decisions based exclusively on evidence on effects (i.e. 'what works'?) consider only one dimension of the decision problem. Further, narrowly focused decisions are likely to contribute to inefficient policy and practice and greater inequalities, through lack of consideration of these potential trade-offs. Optimal decisions require the best available evidence on both effectiveness and economic aspects of interventions.

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