About us

The Campbell & Cochrane Economics Methods Group (C-CEMG) is jointly registered as a Methods Group of both Cochrane and the Campbell Collaboration. The C-CEMG was established to facilitate the inclusion of economic evidence into Cochrane and Campbell systematic reviews of interventions, in order to enhance the usefulness of review findings as a component for decision-making.

Cochrane and Campbell systematic reviews are conducted to inform decision making about interventions for improving health, social welfare, education, crime and justice, international development and/or other outcomes.  However, decisions based exclusively on intervention efficacy or effectiveness (i.e. 'what works'?) consider only one dimension of a decision problem.  This is the interest/task of the C-CEMG.

Evidence for the impacts of interventions on resource use, and evidence for their cost-effectiveness (both costs and effects), especially important for decision makers to consider in health systems or organisations that are aiming to maximise population health within the limited resources availble to be allocated for this purpose.