Our aims

The C-CEMG aims to:

  • Promote and support the incorporation of economic evidence into Cochrane and Campbell systematic reviews;
  • Review the validity and quality of application of economics methods in systematic reviews published in the Cochrane Library or in the Campbell Systematic Reviews journal;
  • Link Cochrane and Campbell systematic review author teams, editorial bases and Networks with economists who can provide specialist advice or peer review for their economics components;
  • Communicate with policy makers and other end users to determine what they need from economics components of Cochrane and Campbell systematic reviews;
  • Facilitate the use of Cochrane and Campbell reviews in economic decisions made by policy makers and other end users;
  • Develop economics methods to be used by systematic reviewers and others involved in producing evidence syntheses which are: 
    • Relevant to the review, questions/aims and to consumers of reviews;
    • Appropriate in terms of their application; and
    • Unbiased and objective;
  • Undertake empirical research in the development and application of economics methods for systematic reviews and evidence syntheses;
  • Disseminate valid methods and good practice; and 
  • Relate to other Cochrane and Campbell Methods Groups to foster appropriate collaboration and to avoid duplication.

However, the C-CEMG has not yet developed guidance on methods for incorporating economic evidence into Cochrane reviews of diagnostic test accuracy or prognosis, nor does our scope yet include Cambpell reviews in the applied fields of knowledge translation and implementation, disability, buisness management and food security.