Get involved


All pathways to involvement in the work of the C-CEMG start with signing up to 'Join Cochrane'. When completing the webform you can select whether you want to join as a full member, or only sign up to the mailing list.

C-CEMG offers two categories of membership:

Active Membership

Active members of C-CEMG are those with expertise in health economics and systematic review methods who have indicated a willingness to either provide advice, peer review, or both to support the production of economics components of Cocrane or Campbell systematic reviews of interventions in one or more topic areas and/or applied fields covered by these sister organisations.

All advice and peer review provided by active members of C-CEMG are expected to be consistent with the latest version of methods guidance on conducting a Brief Economic Commentries (BECs) or an Integrated Full Systamatic Review of Economic Evidence (IFSREE).  Therefore, active members are first required to complete methods training in the planning and conduct of economics components of Cochrane or Campbell reviews. 

Affiliate Membership ('Mailing List')

Affiliate members of the C-CEMG are those primarily interested in keeping-up-to-date with the latest news and developments in methods, guidance, tools and/or training in economics methods for Cochrane or Campbell systematic reviews.

Economics Advisors and Economics Editors

Some Cochrane Review Groups and Networks, as well as some Campbell Co-ordinating Groups, have specialist economist advisors or editors responsible for providing advice to the editorial bases and staff or editorial input to support the production of economics components.  Individuals are often mentored or trained in this role by convenors of the C-CEMG and all economics advisors or editors are expected to provide advice and editorial input that is consistent with the latest methods guidance on planning and conducting a BEC or an IFSREE.

If you would like to become a specialist economist advisor or editor for Cochrane or Campbell systematic reviews, please ensure you have provided this information on the 'Join Cochrane' sign-up webform, and update your TaskExchange profile.