Methods training resources

Online training modules

Our Cochrane Training Online Interactive Learning Module (‘Module 9: Introduction to health economics’) covers the following topics:

  • What core health economics concepts are relevant to Cochrane intervention reviews?

  • Why is it important to consider incorporating economic evidence into Cochrane intervention reviews?

  • What are the options for incorporating economic evidence into Cochrane intervention reviews? 

  • What are the different types of economic evaluation?

  • What should be considered and included when developing a Cochrane intervention review protocol to include an IFSREE?

 Methods training workshop materials

The module is free to anyone with an author role in Cochrane’s central server, Archie. 

Brief Economic Commentaries (BECs)

'How to develop brief economic commentaries for Cochrane intervention reviews’ [Cochrane Methods training workshop]

  • Slide deck

  • Exercise

  • Post-workshop training exercise

Integrated Full Systematic Reviews of Economic Evidence (IFSREE)

Our methods training workshop materials on ‘How to plan and conduct an integrated full systematic review of economic evidence (IFSREE)’ are currently being updated and will be posted on this web-page when ready.

Campbell Collaboration Colloquium 2013 Ian Shemilt - 'Incorporating economic evidence into systematic reviews: an introduction and methods update'

Cochrane Plenary Dawn Craig - 'Incorporating economic perspectives and evidence into Cochrane reviews'